You’ve started a new business and you are excited to show the world.  You talk to everyone you know on your 100’s list about it and the products you are offering, just like your business mentors told you to do but you’ve only signed up three customers.  A feeling of failure is creeping in and you think that you may not be cut out for this after all.  After some discussions with your up-line, you are told to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to promote those products.  After another month of posting like mad, you haven’t signed up anyone else.  The reason you are not getting customers is because you are not bringing value to your marketing campaign.  Let’s flip that around shall we?

Marketing home business products with social media is very common nowadays but most of the time it is done with so much effort and very little return.  You’ve been posting 12 times per day on multiple social media sites and not only are you not getting customers, you’re not even getting likes.  Like most people, you set out with a vigor that feels fierce and you feel you deserve some business.  After all, your up line swears that he or she does the same and gets great results.

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Your up line is full of shit!  Did I just type that?  Yes, I did!  I write this because I have experienced this for myself.  I used to hear about how people were building their social media accounts and getting all kinds of business too; and all they were doing was posting a lot of content for the wolrd to see.  I believed it for a while and posted like mad, to the point of exhaustion.  I saw no results, no leads, not even likes. As time went on, my up line learned better ways to promote online and so did I.

It wasn’t until I pondered the question, how can you be bringing value to your marketing campaign and fully realized that I wasn’t.  There are guidelines one should follow in order to grow lists online. It’s not to say that my current approach is the only way but it has been working for me, especially as of lately.

Bringing Value to Your Marketing Campaign

To be bringing value to your marketing campaign, you must first understand what it means to bring value, what is value?
According to the merriam-webster online dictionary, and in our topic’s contex, value is defined as the following:

relative worth, utility, or importance

Take note of the terms “relative worth, utility, or importance”. I know you think your repetative posting is valuable but to the rest of the world, it is not.
Why is it not valuable?

Let’s say you’re watching your favorite show on television or even on YouTube. You are in a very happy spot and you’re anticipating the next scene. Then, the dreaded commercial comes on. It’s OK, you think to yourself, I’ll endure a couple commercials and then my show will resume. What if there were 8 commercials in a row and they were all exactly the same? How would that make you feel?
Most people would get annoyed and probably not watch the commercials at all. The same concept applies to social media except now a person can quickly scroll past your post. If you post day in and day out, the same shit, people will quickly remember your name and scroll past you even faster. Does that seem like a good recipe for success? You should have answered no.

Bringing True Value to Each Post

As a general rule, people like to be entertained, inspired, motivated, and to see how “the other guy” is doing relative to his or herself. Because of this, you should be posting pictures and statements that apply to the above.

  • Entertain – Entertaining people in a positive way is your best course of action. A good joke is often entertaining but keep them light, you don’t want to offend a lot of people. An entertaining video is always good and perhaps the best way to entertain your audience. You’ll have to put on your thinking cap to create entertaining videos but have at it!
  • Inspire – People love to be inspired by good quotes or something you make up on your own. I suggest downloading the app Brilliant Quotes.
    bringing value to your marketing campaign

    Brilliant quotes provides daily motivation that you can copy and paste to other apps like TextGram.

    bringing value to your marketing campaign

    Now you can easily grab inspirational quotes and publish them in a timely manner.

  • Motivate – You can look at motivation to be more directed towards yourself when you are making these posts. Again, use Brilliant Quotes to find great motivational quotes. They are good for you to read and other people will love to see them too.
  • Get Personal – You should be posting one or two posts that are personal and non-business related. I mean that, don’t sneak in a product or a shot of a business opportunity, people will see right through that. It’s social media, act socially and let people know what you’re doing from time to time.
  • Call to Action – A call to action is very important for bringing value to your marketing campaign and should only be done once every five to seven posts, which can span over one day. The idea of a call to action is to direct viewers to follow you and hit the link in your bio. You have a link in your bio right? The link in your bio should not be a direct link to your company’s website either. For instance, if you are an It Works distributor, your bio link should not be wrapgodess.myitworks dot com. You should have your own site to capture leads or at the very least, your own URL that forwards the person to your company’s portal. I recommend your own site where you can capture leads and create content. At any rate, this post comes after all of the above posts because people are starting to warm up to you and your posts, they’re starting to trust you.

As a bonus, don’t forget to capitalize on the power of Hash Tags.
bringing value to yoru marketing campaign
Hash tags are commonly used because they are great for social media searching. They were widely accepted by Twitter and used to create catch-phrases that others could easily find and follow. For more information about the history of the hash tag, see here. Hash tags are a great way of bringing value to your marketing campaign.
You can and should use hash tags in all your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Don’t forget to search for people to following by using hash tag searches. If you have a targeted market you can easily find them with hash tags, but that’s another blog post in of itself.
If you follow the above guidelines, you’ll be sure to start pulling in more followers and get more responses to all your posts, even the business ones.

Hang on, if you do not have your own website or blog because you don’t know how to start one, I’m offering a free eBook called How to Build a Website and Monetize the Sh$t Out of It. Fill in the form below to get yours now.

I hope you got some value from this post and why bringing value to your marketing campaign is so imiportant.

Don’t forget to comment and share this with your friends, you neve know who it will help.

Have a great day and be great because no one can be great for you!

Yours in success,

Michael M Vasas

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