Hacking Equifax – We Are Not Secure

Hackers set out to gather information from roughly 143 million people by hacking one of three major credit monitoring companies called Equifax. If you’ve ever needed credit, you’ve no doubt heard of Equifax. Hacking Equifax is in fact a big deal and quite concerning!

Bringing Value to Your Marketing Campaign

You’ve started a new business and you are excited to show the world.  You talk to everyone you know on your 100’s list about it and the products you are offering, just like your business mentors told you to do but you’ve only signed up three customers.  A feeling of failure is creeping in and you think that you may not be cut out for this after all.  After some discussions with your up-line, you are told to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to promote those products.  After another month of posting like mad, you haven’t signed up anyone else.  The reason you are not getting customers is because you are not bringing value to your marketing campaign.  Let’s flip that around shall we?

Boost Concentration And Reduce Stress

Breath if you’ve ever laid awake at night, stressed out, with your thoughts going a mile-per-minute! Blink if you’ve ever had a task to do with a deadline but you keep getting distracted by so many other things, other than your task! Move your eyes if you’ve ever felt so stressed during the holidays because you’re not sure if you bought the right presents and you’ve spent way over your budget for those presents. What if I told you that you could Boost Concentration and Reduce Stress everyday, with a few easy steps, would you be interested?