Why Use WordPress for Business

Are you thinking of or are already part of a business that you want to promote online? Perhaps you want to take your existing brick-and-mortar business to the next level and expand sales online? You know you need a website but you have no idea where to even start? Look no further, I’ll explain Why Use WordPress for Business as well as how you can easily and affordably have a website made to fit your specific requirements

Online Business Build – Learn From Failure

I want to share a little secret with you, one that I haven’t told anyone. I’ve failed in business Not only have I failed in the online business build but I’ve spent time bullshitting social media in order to look successful. I have learned from my failures, and have been more successful because of it.

Easy Money Online – Fact or Fiction

Recently I have been asked how one can easily make money online. Easy money, what is that? I think it is great that people want to make money online using social media and blogging but, I don’t feel comfortable with the term easy money online. So here I am, writing a blog about it.

Best Design Practices for Your WordPress Site

For my last blog entry I discussed How to Choose the Right Domain Name for your website/blog. If you haven’t read that, be sure to go and do that now. Next up, I would like to discuss the best design practices for your WordPress Site. Don’t forget to share this with your friends who may need this!

How to Choose The Right Domain Name

This is my first installment for building a WordPress site for blogging, business, and whatever. Before you can even get started with your own site you need to know how to choose the right domain name, it’s imperative. If this is something you already know, have a read and let me know what you think. If you don’t know then read on!