Dreams to Reality – You Have Time

This post is inspired by people I know, people that work on turning their dreams to reality and those that say they have no time. I’m not sure about which side of the fence you sit on but I would love to know, leave a comment below.


When I hear someone tell me:

I hate my job, I wish I was doing something else

I’ll say, you’re really good at doing A, B, or C, you should pursue that with everything you have!
The responses to follow with the above statement are almost always filled with excuses to not take action on a dream. There are literally a thousand and two excuses you can come up with to not work on turning your dreams to reality and I’m going to list some.

  1. I Don’t Have the Time! – This is the biggest line of shit that anyone can say. What you do with your time is what you do with your time. When you make American Idol your priority to watch then that will leave less time to work on turning your dreams to reality. If you play video games for one or two hours a day then you don’t have that dreams to reality idea as a priority. And yet you complain about your job?
  2. I Don’t Know Where To Start – Like me, and millions of other people, we have Google. If you don’t know where to start, ask Google. If you’re reading this and don’t know where to start, ask me. We have a complete wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, in our pockets even and yet you don’t know where to start? Cast this excuse aside right now and get busy asking questions
  3. I Don’t Have The Money! – As with time, having the money is based on your priorities. When I first started in the MLM industry, I did not have the cash to buy in. I found a way to get the cash though, by offering something of myself that someone needed. I saved someone’s computer from a plethora of viruses and malware. I don’t like that aspect of IT work but I did it so that I could buy into the business. Fortunately for me that led me to where I’m at now, owner of Michael M Vasas Consulting. I am turning my dreams to reality as I write this blog post.

Dreams to Reality

Not too long ago I was thinking that my days went by super fast and that I too didn’t have enough time in one day to thoroughly turn my dreams to reality. As I did what most don’t (self evaluated), I realized that I was wasting a lot of time playing mobile games and watching TV shows. Now, I am a husband of one and father of two teenage boys and they must have pieces of my time but when I had my time, I found I was wasting most of it. And then this guy happened:
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5efhZEN89tE[/embedyt]
I decided after watching Gary Vaynerchuk that I had to make some changes if I wanted to start being successful. I made a blog post called No Game Challenge June 2017, which is about getting rid of all my mobile games.

I Couldn’t Believe What Happened!

I started to focus much more of my attention on my my social media experience as well as directly on my business. The results were me getting paid to develop a website called ProCor, which is a company that offers a great tool for stock comparisons.

dreams to reality

I took on new leads for my growing list, interacted with many people on social media to get my name known, and I offered a free logo design service to a great guy from the Philippines. I know I’m going to make him happy with my logo design which will help me convert to a website development deal for his business.

I Prioritize My Time

In case you missed it, I’m a father of two and husband of one. I have a full time job for the moment and I have plenty of responsibilities associated to the above. I enjoy and benefit from Karate with my sons on Mondays and Thursday evenings (from 6:30 until 9:00) and we also take Jui Jitsu and Aikido on Tuesdays nights from 6:00 until 9:00. It could be an easy excuse to say I don’t have the time to turn my dreams to reality but I don’t.

I get my ass to work and I don’t bitch about having to get shit done.

If you have an argument or you agree with me, leave a comment below.

Do you work on turning your dreams to reality or do you not have the time?

Have a Great Day and Be Great Because No One Can Be Great For You!

Yours in Success,

Michael M Vasas

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