Recently I have been asked how one can easily make money online. Easy money, what is that? I think it is great that people want to make money online using social media and blogging but, I don’t feel comfortable with the term easy money online. So here I am, writing a blog about it.

I’m 43 years young and I have never found the key to easy money or easy money online. I have worked many jobs, some that required little talent and others that were quite demanding. I have been an online marketer since 2014 as well and the one thing that all my jobs and business have in common is that none of them were/are easy.

Since starting this blog post I have been asked 2 more times about how a person can make easy money online.  Because of this, I made a Youtube video so that I could set the topic straight.

Have a watch!

The Jobs

My first job, way back in the late 80s, was delivering papers with two paper routes. Between walking the long routes and then having to collect money from my customers, it required a lot of time and perseverance to get the job done well. I then moved on to being a dishwasher for a few restaurants and while those job required little skill, they were difficult and dirty jobs. Nope, no easy money there. I then started working in the manufacturing industry doing general labour for minimal pay. I never found any easy money that way.
In my 30s I went to university to be educated in applied computer sciences and that was difficult, all so I could get difficult jobs working in a decent industry. 8 years later, I graduated but I found a new love, online marketing with an MLM business.

MLM – Was Really Hard

I have to say, the MLM business was really hard but I do admit that I didn’t use good marketing practices when I started out. Marketing practices aside (because that’s a whole other discussion), there was nothing easy about growing an MLM business online. In saying that, money can be made from an MLM business but it requires dedication and a willingness to feel uncomfortable. You have to be social and win people over to wanting to work with you or buy from you. There are steps you can take to grow your business but again, there’s no easiness too it, it requires work.

easy money online

It’s All About Perspective

As I have stated, there is no way to make easy money online because all ways to make money do take work. However, there are some ways that are easier but these ways require some perspective. For instance, a great entrepreneur named Gary Vaynerchuk has made videos talking about buying cheap shit from garage sales and then selling them on EBay. This is definitely an easier way to make money online but you still have to cruise garage sales every weekend, create ads on EBay, and then ship the products once they’re sold. It takes work! Also, you will not make a lot of money easily with this form of business unless you buy a lot of cheap shit every weekend and sell it all online. In saying that, this is probably the best form of easy money online.
Another thing to consider is what do you see as the regular amount of money you should be making online, with ease? If you’re thinking you should be making thousands of dollars per month, easily, without having to do much, you had better think again. That is not going to happen. If someone tells you it will happen be wary because he or she only wants your money. This is typical of many marketers though, promising easy and great money online.

Easy Money Online

So, where is the easy money online that many marketers talk about? Don’t get me wrong, you can actually become a millionaire working a business and blog online but it takes time and consistency. I have heard from some well-respected and rich online promoters about how easy it is for them to be pulling in 6 figures per month. Who wouldn’t want to be earning 6 figures per month? I know I would!
Let’s look at this a little closer though, shall we? Sure, person X is making 6 figures per month but that didn’t happen overnight. When we look at successful people we don’t see the trials, tribulations, and the amount of times he or she almost quit. All we see is the success they portray today. I can tell you first hand, you are not going to start an online business today and be rich tomorrow, or next month even.
These gurus sell you on their stories though, and they do tell you about their trials and tribulations if you are willing to listen and take steps to avoid them. They’ll then go on to sell you a platform that has worked for him or her and it may in fact be a good platform to work with.  What you need to realize is that these selling platforms are their bread and butter now.

Making easy money online is not easy but it can be done but you need something to offer and you need growth!

You Need Something To Offer

Simply put, if you have nothing to offer, be it a service or product, you have no way of making money or easy money online. There is no magical online fairy that drops money off in your bank account just because you’re online. Once you realize this, you can move on from the disappointment that will come when you don’t make money doing nothing.

It Takes Growth

Yes, in a nutshell, you have to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. A major part of that growth must come from you realizing that you cannot make easy money online. An online business is like a brick and mortar business in that you have to put in years’ worth of work, pain, hardship, and blood (ok maybe not blood) to start seeing fruitful rewards. There is an adage from Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre that you need to put in 10,000 hours of work to become a pro and I believe it. You should to. Put in the work to make money online and one day, it will be easy, but not at the start.

It Takes Consistency

Yes, consistency is key!  If you get online but don’t do anything or (for instance) write blog posts once every 3 months, you will get nowhere and nowhere fast.  If you’re blogging, SEO demands consistency.  One will never rank up on the Google search engine if one is not blogging.  I know, I’ve been inconsistent in the past and have gotten nowhere.  To be a boss you need to act like a boss and put in the work.  One thing that all the successful online marketers have in common is that they are consistent in their business approach.  If you want to be a top earner in your MLM company, you need to consistently be working it….Or perish as an entrepreneur.

Have a Great Day and Be Great Because No One Can Be Great For You!

Yours in Success,

Michael M Vasas

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