Hackers set out to gather information from roughly 143 million people by hacking one of three major credit monitoring companies called Equifax. If you’ve ever needed credit, you’ve no doubt heard of Equifax. Hacking Equifax is in fact a big deal and quite concerning!

🆘The Hack🆘

hacking equifax
According to Global News, Equifax was hacked between mid-May and July of 2017. Hackers successfully broke into the Equifax data center and made off with roughly 143 million names, social security numbers (US) and social insurance numbers (Canada), birth dates, addresses, and even driver’s licenses. Basically, hacking Equifax gave the hackers the complete identities of 143 million US and Canadian citizens.

😡What the F%&k?😡

Hacking Equifax should not happen! I say this as a somewhat techy guy who understands security a bit. Now, I realize that hackers are savvy and can eventually find ways through whatever encryption standards but I find it disappointing that a major organization such has Equifax can’t keep it’s data safe

Hacking Equifax

Hacking Equifax aside, I have issues with the fact that Equifax is letting us know about the breach more than two months later. Sure, they have to investigate and re-secure their data but one would think that this type of issue should be public knowledge right away. I don’t know about you but if my identity was threatened, I would like to know about it right away.

🔐What to Do Now?🔐

In most identity theft situations, we are supposed to have all our IDs changed and call the police, financial institutions, and the credit bureau. Equifax is a credit bureau and I’m not entirely sure if there is a point in calling them about this issue. In saying that, calling all of the above is not a bad idea given the circumstances. However, this is a new problem for us all so it might be a crap-shoot either way.

Any Advice?

Do you have any advice you would like to impart on us regarding what we all can do to safely keep our identities, I and many would truly appreciate it. Hacking Equifax has taken us all by surprise and as stated is new territory we’re in so advice is definitely welcome. Please, leave a comment below and help us all out!

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