This is my first installment for building a WordPress site for blogging, business, and whatever. Before you can even get started with your own site you need to know how to choose the right domain name, it’s imperative. If this is something you already know, have a read and let me know what you think. If you don’t know then read on!

Ok, you’re wanting to build a website because you have an opinion you want to share, a product, a business, or whatever. You’ve looked online and have seen a lot of information, too much maybe? The odds are you are probably more confused than when you started out.

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The very first step to owning your own piece of real estate on the net is choosing your domain name. The following are a few things that you should keep in mind when deciding how to choose the right domain name.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

  1. Your Top-Level Domain – I know, what the hell is that right? I’ll give you a quick explanation. You see top-level domains all the time, they’re the ending of each URL; like com, ca, net, eu, edu, and etc. Choosing your top-level domain is a decision that should be based on what you are planning to do with your site. If you are looking to promote products online to a global market, your best option is to go with a .com. If you are promoting your business locally, pick your country’s top-level domain. For instance, I live in Canada and could have used .ca but because I am promoting my services globally, I chose .com. Take some time to decide this as it matters to a lot of online viewers.
  2. Second Level Domain – The second level domain is the name you want for your site. For instance, my second-level domain is michaelmvasas. I use my name because I promote myself and am branding myself in the site development market. If you are in the Network Marketing industry, you would want to do the same [yourname].com. If you have a local business that you are going to want to promote to your city, you could use the name of your company [companyname].com.
  3. Keep it Simple – make sure your domain name is easy to read and type. For example, is not very easy to read nor is it easy or quick to type, especially with a mobile device. Perhaps something like might be a better choice. Keep your domain name unique and memorable, something people can remember.
  4. Avoid hyphens and numbers – This is more of a psychological aspect of choosing a domain name. People prefer to see words in a domain name rather than numbers. If your business name has a number in it then by all means include it. However, if you were thinking to use the number 2 in replacement of to then think again.
  5. Do Some Research – Don’t be so quick to choose your domain name. Research it using GoDaddy to research domain names. Of course, there are other sites you can do this research but I use GoDaddy so I recommend them.

I hope you have gotten a better understanding on how to choose the right domain name and I hope you got some value from this post. If you did, please leave a comment and share this with your people because you never know who needs this.

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Have A Great Day and Be Great

Yours in Success,

Michael M Vasas

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