This post may offend you, it may piss you off, and you may never come back to my blog again! I’m going to critique your marketing campaign for your business services and products. I’m going to tell you why your marketing campaign sucks and how you should improve online marketing for business in the future.

Your business, and the successful people in it, whether consciously or unconsciously, understand that their existing and future customers have problems. Those successful people are also aware of how they can ease the problems of people with the product (s) or service (s) provided.  They know how to improve online marketing for business!

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The World Doesn’t Care

A cold and hard reality that you MUST accept is that people don’t care about your products or services. Many home-entrepreneurs jump into business and push their products or services on everyone they see. With social media, entrepreneurs will post to the world expecting the world to come to them. This never happens, the world will NOT come to YOU.  This type of action is how to NOT improve online marketing for business.

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When You Promote to Everyone – You Promote to No One!

With the above in mind, you must consider that when you promote to everyone, you promote to no one. Let’s think about this idea for a moment!
You just got into business for yourself and you are excited to tell everyone you know. You already have a good social media presence on Facebook and Instagram so you think you will do really well. You get to work and start making awesome post, pics and all. You blast your products and services out there for everyone to see and then you anxiously await the flocks to come and buy. One month later, you’re less excited but still going through the motions – and you’re still waiting for the flocks to come to you. Two months later you aren’t excited at all but you cling to hope that the flocks will still come to you. You’re posting less and less about the product and more about how unhappy you are. Three months later, you’ve quit because you think your products must be shitty and no one will like them. You’ve even lost followers along the way, which solidifies the notion that the products are garbage.  Now you need to learn how to improve online marketing for business.

It’s Not The Products

The products are irrelevant and so is your business opportunity. It doesn’t matter which company you are a part of either, people don’t care about that, they care about themselves. Social media sites are fast-paced and busy places on the internet. Your product posts are most likely like everyone’s product posts. Because of this, your followers have probably seen it all before.

Think About This!!!

Imagine you are at a concert and you’ve got some brochures for your products and business opportunity. You’re right in the middle of the floor and you think there are so many prospects here, I will be rich for sure! You raise your slick brochures over your head and start yelling at all the people to notice what you have. Sure, you may have one or two express an interest but most won’t even notice you or your brochure.

Do you think they would notice you if you were at the center of the stage?

So how does one get on the center stage and improve online marketing?
It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that right now! If you have someone tell you that you can easily make 6 figures a year online and that they have a sure-fire method of doing so, that person is full of shit.

There are Thousands – Just Like YOU!

I will use the same concert metaphor as before. When you stand there yelling out your products in the middle of the crowd, it’s much like when you start your business. There are thousands of people standing there yelling out the same products and services. If you follow the crowd, how successful do you think you will be? Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK to emulate successful people in the crowd but following them to a T will not benefit you. To improve online marketing, you have to set yourself apart from the crowd because believe me, there are thousand of people doing the same thing over and over again in their online marketing campaigns.

Improve Online Marketing For Business

There are some things you can do to improve your online marketing to a point where you actually start selling products, services, and opportunities.

  • Find one Social Media platform to work with! A common mistake new marketers do is think they can promote on all platforms and then make a gagillion dollars. The fact is, you need to focus on one and go all in on it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post on a few, by all means do so. It only takes seconds to make a post. However, if you are wanting to increase followers and convert them into leads, you should focus on one platform to get you there. I’ve tried working Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Google+ to gain followers and leads and have burnt myself out doing so. Don’t be like me! Learn from me and my mistakes.
  • Know Your Target Market! There’s a reason why it’s called a Target Market. Remember how telling the whole world is not good for business? Well, having a target market will definitely improve online marketing. This will take a lot of thinking on your part. You’ll want to know details like gender, marital status, stay at home parent, age range, hobbies, interests, club memberships, and most importantly, what pains them. Everyone has a problem, from finding the right travel destination to skin issues. Identifying a problem is very important. Doing this is called creating a business Avatar. So many marketers for home businesses don’t do this. I didn’t do this and sometimes forget to refresh my avatars. This type of planning is pivotal to knowing your market.
  • Bring Awareness to the Avatar’s Problem. Once you’ve created your marketing avatar and have become aware of his or her problem, you must make him or her aware that you have a solution. If your niche is travel, your avatar will be in desperate need of a holiday. If your niche is weight loss, your avatar will be desperate for weight loss help. You get the point right?
  • Pick at the Problem. Yes, you need to pick at the problem, bring it to the forefront of your avatar’s mind and keep it there. When you first do this you might feel awkward, I know I did. However, you’re not creating a new problem for the avatar, you’re just reminding him or her that it exists and that you have a solution.
  • Help Resolve the Problem! Yes, I just mentioned this but you need to be strategic here. You don’t want to verbally throw up on someone with your resolution to his or her problem. You have to work your solution in gracefully. This may take some practice but I highly recommend this.

An Example Story

Joe is a promoter of weight loss products and he’s working Instagram to find customers. Joe has just finished creating a marketing avatar in order to know exactly who he wants to attract to his business. Joe uses hash tags on Instagram to find his target market and to attract his market. At first Joe isn’t seeing any real results for his business but his follower’s list is growing and he’s gotten a few leads. He finds a hash tag that does not count in the millions.  He’s learning how to improve online marketing for business.

He gets to work

He follows, likes, and comments on 20 people’s pictures. Once they follow him back he sends each one a private message introducing himself and thanking them for the follow back.
After a bit of time he asks them if they’ve resolved their problems. When they haven’t, he picks at the problem a bit and then he offers them a solution. Joe’s business just grew.

It’s all about patience and dedication to helping others.
Go the extra mile today and others will help for your last mile, this is how you improve online marketing for business.
Thanks for reading this my friend. If you got any sort of value, please:

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Yours in success,
Michael M Vasas

  1. Kerry-Ann says:

    Amazing Michale! This post is so straight forward and right on point. Sometimes we all need to hear the hard truth so we can start making corrections in our approaches to attract more clients.

  2. Fatal Jay says:

    Mike you hit the nail on the head, people dont care about you or the product, they only care about their problems.

    When you bridge that link with your product then you have a sale.

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