Get up, pee, brush teeth, shower, make coffee, slam back breakfast, grab lunch, and then head off to work for eight plus hours per day. Sound familiar? Leave work, come home, catch up on Facebook for 30 minutes, make supper, eat supper, do dishes, be with family, watch some TV or Social Media, brush teeth, go to bed. Even more familiar? Now, repeat this five times per week, 48 weeks per year, for the rest of your life! Sounds kind of dystopic doesn’t it? Not to worry, I have the formula to live a better life, now let’s work on it!

😯You’re Going to Die😯

I recently sent an email to those on my email list with a title saying 😯You’re Going to Die😯. I didn’t send that because I want them to die, I sent it as a reminder that one day, it’s going to happen to each and every one of us, including you!

😒Who Wants to Think of That?😒

To me, this is not a morbid topic, it’s relevant because it will happen. You can pray to God or wish that it won’t happen but one day it will. None of us know when that day will be but rest assured, it will happen. I’m 43 and I’m starting to see death happen more and more with friends and family, which makes me think about my own mortality more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessing about death, I just understand it for what it is – inevitable.

💭💬It Makes You Think💬💭

My sole purpose is to make you think about how you can live a better life. I’m not trying to be your guru or some kind of life coach. I’m just a guy that made some major life changes at 43 years old. Without going into details, my background is one of non-commitment, avoidance, apathy, anger, and self destruction. I still deal with non-commitment on certain levels but I am working on that and will overcome it.

Live a Better Life

live a better life

Many people wish for a better life and yet they carry on doing those destructive things that make life difficult in the first place. For instance, throughout my 20s and 30s I had very little faith in people and no faith in God. After holding my first born baby and him dying in my wife’s and my arms, I had to deal with commentary from people who meant well but were in fact oblivious to what we were going through. A pastor at a church, not my church, told me that my baby was born into SIN and then let that statement hang. He didn’t explain what it meant and I assumed he meant my baby was going to hell. I was 22 or so and I swore off God and all religions. Fuck them all, that was my thought. I lost faith and it damaged me for quite some time, 20 years in actuality. Faith, this is the critical first part of living a better life.

😇Have Faith😇

Faith is probably the hardest part when you want to live a better life. Having faith is believing something that you feel within, not something you can see or touch. Of course, I am referring to having faith in God because he is with us even when we think he is not. However, I also mean you should have faith in the goodness of others and yourself. If you don’t have faith in others and yourself you will need to work on that. Start with yourself, have faith in your ability to love and be loved, that you can accomplish many things, and that you are worthy of God and all things good. Once you start believing in yourself, you’ll see that it’s easier to find people to believe in as well. You may have to shed off some people in your life but if it’s meant to be, let it happen.

🙏Instill Gratitude🙏

What feels better, being thankful or being resentful? It should have been an easy answer, to feel thankful. Don’t worry if it wasn’t easy, we’ll get you there. Take it from me, it feels way better to be thankful than resentful. Being thankful takes a little work everyday but only a little and the rewards are noticeable right away. Follow this checklist to become grateful, which helps live a better life:

  • In your first 10 minutes after you wake up, go to a place in your mind, a part of your history, where you felt overwhelming joy. There has to be at least one moment in your life that made you very happy. Once there, re live it like it was happening again. See and feel the surroundings of that moment, get caught up in the happiness, and be happy like it is happening all over again.
  • Start a thankful list in your head. You, your immediate family, surroundings, things, friends, community, city, country, and the world you live on. Be thankful you’re alive and able to change your life. Remember, your existence was 1 in about 400 million and if you were born in a good country, you won the demographic lottery. You are one lucky person to be alive right now, be thankful for that.
  • Breathe deep breaths for a few minutes. Slow inhales and slow exhales will do the job nicely. Good breathing techniques can make your day better all by itself although I recommend you do all three exercises.

You’ll need about 20 or so minutes to do the above so you may need to wake up a little earlier to get into the mindset of gratitude but trust me, two less snooze hits on your alarm can make the difference to live a better life.

This part of my day is not my own creation or thought, this actually comes from Tony Robbins, who is a master at changing thought processes and I owe much of my change to him.

😍Find Your Passion😍

Finding one’s passion or purpose in life is a big factor and equally weighted against all other aspects to live a better life. So many of us don’t know our passion or purpose in life and therefore we live lives that stressful, unhealthy, and unhappy. Again, that was me not too long ago. Purpose and passion in life should come from praying both to God and by trying different things you like to do. Yes, pray and try – it’s really as easy as that. If you’re not a believer in God that’s OK, prayer is universal and is a form of meditation one can go into. This meditative state of mind will help you think about things that interest you. Once you found an interest or five, start researching them and actually doing those things. After doing those things and getting good at them you start to become an authority at it. If you love what you’re doing at this point, where you’re good at it, you’ve created a passion for it. This excited me to no ends when I found my passion, which has been growing.


Alright, you’ve found your passion, or a passion, now what right? Now, you sell it! Yep, there’s a market for you and you can make money from it. It doesn’t matter what that passion is, if you love it, there are thousands of people in the world that love the exact same thing too. You may be thinking there’s no way to reach those people but if you have an internet connection and a smart phone you are are in a position to live a better life. You have to work for it though and the internet has a lot of people on it. Smart marketing is key to your hustle and you may need help with that – which is where I can assist you.


You’ve found your faith, passion, and applied hustle to live a better life, now you have to have perseverance. This is the point where you put the work over a long portion of time. There is no get rich quick program out there, even if you see people promoting that kind of bullshit. I made a blog post about the get rich quick promises that are made online, if you want to read that one, CLICK HERE. Many entrepreneurs fail, not because they don’t see results, they don’t see immediate richness. As an example, you can take any 19 year life coach out there that starts but three months later he or she quits because no one is interested. Perseverance my friends, find your passion, stick with it, and shit will happen

⏰Smart Allocation of Time⏰

Finally, you have to allocate your time wisely if you want to live a better life. I say the following with experience: I have wasted so much time with TV, games, and trivial shit that I let years pass stating “I don’t have the time for that”. I still watch movies and play vids with my sons but I don’t waste as much time as I used. My devotion to this and my business is far better than it ever has been and it pays. You see, you get from anything equal to or more than what you put into it. This is a fact and even the bible speaks on it with the law of sowing – you reap what you sow. My advice to you with time is to audit it in your life. Where can you free up time to live a better life? cutting 10 minutes of gaming, Facebook scrolling, or whatever, here and there will add up quick.

🔣The Formula🔣

That’s it, you’ve just read the formula, in my opinion, to live a better life. Let me recap in my made up but relevant and mathematical way 😁:
(Faith + Gratitude) X (Passion + (Hustle X Perseverance))/Allocation of Time = A Better Life

📜What Do You Think?📜

I’d like to know your opinion on this matter, do you think my formula stands and has merit? What would you add or take away from my formula? I would love to get your opinion so please leave a comment below. If you do agree, please share this on your favored social media platforms.
  1. MomJonz says:

    OMG. I so needed this. I have all in place except for allocation of time. I tend to allow others to control my time vs. me controlling it. I set times but tend always accommodate others that end up with them canceling at the last minute, and it’s repeat offenders. so….I gotta stay firm to my time allocation.

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