MS Excel Development
Aside from web development with WordPress and banner/logo designing, I have a real passion for application development with Microsoft Excel using VBA. I have 10 years experience with Excel VBA, Outlook, Word, and some PowerPoint. My main passion is with MS Excel Development and have a lot of experience with gathering requirements and coding exactly to the requirements when possible. You’ve come to the right place for your application development and Excel automation.

MS Excel Development

MS Excel Development is essential for all business, in my humble opinion because it can be automated to suit almost any needs or requirements you can think of. From large data sets to small, automation is something we all want when it comes to crunching and organizing numbers.

My Excel experience includes, as mentioned, 10 years experience as well as various roles on multiple forms as moderator and general helper for many.

Have an Excel question? Please ask.

Have an Excel project you need done? Ask me for my rate and let’s get your Excel problems solved.

MS Excel Development using VBA – coding excellence for your requirements.


As it is, in the near future I will be posting tips and tricks on this page. While I do enjoy writing code, there are sheet-side formula that can be used to make your life easier too. Together we can streamline your business or whatever it is you use Excel for. I’m just a click away!