No Game Challenge June 2017

Games, they consume our TVs, phones, and tablets. There are thousands of games that consume our time and some of them can be very difficult to put down. I know, I have a handful on my phone that I love to play and waste a lot of time on. After some self-evaluation on the matter, I have decided to not play them for 30 days and am issuing a No Game Challenge for June 2017.

Time Consuming

I find it funny when people say “I don’t have time for …” but yet, games will consume a lot of time for many people. I know, I’ve been one that said the above quote. What I meant to say was “I have different priorities”! As I write this blog post I want to check my games to make sure everything is going good or that my loots are collected. I know, that shit sounds silly but when you consider that more than 2/3 of mobile device users play games, it’s an issue that many have.
I currently play the following games on my Android phone, if you’re interested in knowing:

  1. Clash of Clans
  2. Clash Royale
  3. Trailer Park Boys
  4. The Kingz War
  5. Backgammon
  6. Poder

No Game Challenge

No Game Challenge
As you can see, I play a few games and this is why I am creating a no game challenge for June 2017. While I do find time to make videos and blog for my business, this waste of time can come at the expense of family. Because of this, I have not only decided to have a no game challenge but I’ve also decided that I would be smarter with my time.

In business, every minute counts and most people are not successful because they waste their own time doing bullshit activities that don’t help their businesses grow. Is that you? It was me but I refuse to let it be me anymore.

My Challenge to You!

Yes, I am participating in a No Game Challenge for June 2017 and I would like you to join me too. Even if you’re not in any sort of business, a No Game Challenge will be a great excuse for you to disconnect from your phone or tablet a bit more than normal. Think of the different things you may have put off to do on other days, you’ll be able to focus on them.

That’s my plan, I will be focusing on my business and family! From my Website/development course to Microsoft Excel consulting, June is going to be a great month for my business. Make it a change for yours!

So, let’s do the No Game Challenge together, leave a comment below saying “I’m in” and let’s hold each other accountable.

Have a Great Day and Be Great Because No One Can Be Great for You!

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