I want to share a little secret with you, one that I haven’t told anyone. I’ve failed in business Not only have I failed in the online business build but I’ve spent time bullshitting social media in order to look successful. I have learned from my failures, and have been more successful because of it.
Online Business build

Where Did the Bullshit Come From?

The bullshit started when I first got into network marketing when I turned 40. I was shown a presentation that depicted 3 easy steps that if followed, would guarantee me success. The presentation was believable and it does work for many distributors in that company. What was misleading was how easy it was portrayed to work, especially with an online business build premise.

If I said to you, All you have to do is sign up three distributors and 4 customers to reach a $500 bonus you would no doubt say yes? I did! At any rate, there was no way I was going to hold back from social media, I wanted everyone to join me based on the easy steps that I learned about. The online business build seemed like it was going to be easy.

Post AFter Post After Post

Man, I spammed my business and products in a hardcore way. I figured that I would easily get my four customers and three distributors and that life would be set on autopilot. My online business build was underway and I was stoked!

Three Weeks Passed

Would you believe it, not a damn thing happened? I asked my up line and was told to engage the people that liked my posts. I was getting 2 likes per post, if I was lucky. The ones I did engage or engaged me were mostly affiliate marketers trying to get me to sign up to their systems. Needless to say, I slowed my online business build down to a crawl.

Never Give Up

Giving up and quitting is not in my blood even though it should be. My mother started and stopped (probably) all network marketing companies in her life. Not me, I hung on to the dream for two years before I threw in the towel with network marketing. Not because I didn’t believe in network marketing but because I was tired of trying, plus I never really had a passion for it. I’ve become self aware of that, thanks in part to Gary Vaynerchuk. For anyone to have a successful online business build, one must have a passion for it and go all in.

I Found My Passion

As it turned out, my passion is rooted in website design, marketing, branding, writing, and teaching others what I know. I got into blogging because of network marketing and because of that, I started to learn as much as I could about website design using WordPress.

If you would like a FREE consult on starting a blog for your business,


Now I have a service I provide and I love to give more value from my services, it makes me very happy.

Online Business Build

My online business build model is simple, create content that attracts people, engage and interact with new followers and friends, offer more value than the amount I get paid.

Hang on, you want me to make less money?

Who said that? I said, offer more value than the amount I get paid, not make less money. There is a difference if you think about it.

Let’s say you’re like me, a website and MS Excel Consultant. If you charge a flat rate for your services like I do, you’ll create something awesome for your client for that flat rate. When something happens that requires extra after you’ve finished, like a change in code or font styles, don’t charge by the hour as a support fee. If it’s major work you need to do after then yes, by all means charge but those little things that you don’t really need to charge for, those will be what gets you recommendations.

I don’t know about you but for an online business build, I want recommendations.

Messaging People

If you want to grow your online business, one of the BIGGEST tips I can give is to interact with people. The best way to interact with people online is to message them. Don’t make the mistake of blasting your pitch and sending a link with your first message either because people will not respond to that.

I know, I’ve tried this type of messaging marketing and it sucked. I learned it from the people around me and I was told they were having success. I don’t believe it and judging by the number of people that quit that network marketing company, it wasn’t a method working for anyone.

The art of messaging is quite simple! For each new follower or friend request I get on Instagram and Facebook, I will send a message similar to the following:

Hi **Name**, thanks for following me, it’s great to connect! What made you decide to do so?”

And then I wait. Many times I will not get a response back and when that happens, I move on. I no longer get bothered by those that don’t interact because I’ve learned to not give a f&*k about a loss. I learn from a loss and get better. How did I get such an attitude? I watched this guy:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGw1FRfHmnc[/embedyt]
This is probably one of the most eye-opening and brain-f*#king videos I have ever seen. Gary Vaynerchuk has instilled in me the fact that I can bring great value to the market as long as I can get good at something and then go all in. That’s exactly what I am doing.

Just My Opinion

Of course, these are just a part of my opinion and you can do with my opinion what you like. I would love to hear your comments on the matter though, leave one below and share this too.

Yours in Success,

Michael M Vasas

PS –

If you are thinking of starting a website/blog but don’t know where to start, I do. Contact me today and let’s get your website/blog up and running this week. Check out my blog about choosing the right domain name to get your brain started on the process, CLICK HERE to see it now.
  1. MomJonz says:

    I love that you stated you found your passion. I think that when one has a business that they are passionate about things fall into place easier. For me it’s not about making money, it’s about helping and changing other’s lives. Don’t get me wrong, making money along with it is great, but knowing I’m able to help others is even more important to me.

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