Online Businesses and Entrepreneurs

I’m pulling off the gloves and giving you the lowdown on how I see online businesses and entrepreneurs. These are general observations I have that regard local businesses, network marketers, and affiliate marketers. These are my opinions and I welcome yours, leave a comment below.

Online businesses and entrepreneurs seem to be everywhere nowadays. If you are an active member on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or other social media platforms, you’ll have seen them as well. From home businesses, network marketers, to affiliate marketers, there’s no short supply.

It’s A Good Thing

Let me first say that I think it’s a great thing that so many people are working with the entrepreneurial spirit. Online businesses and entrepreneurs are made up of people that dream of a better life and I will never knock the dreams of people. Remember, I am discussing observations I have been making during the last two or three years that I’ve been in business online.

Nor am I comparing others to what I do or vice-versa. My intentions are to help the online businesses and entrepreneurs, not pick on them. There are four types of entrepreneurs online right now for which I’ll give a short description:

Types of Online Entrepreneurs

  1. The Spammer – The spammer entrepreneur is that one that constantly spews his or her products online across multiple social media platforms. This particular type of entrepreneur is my least favorite to talk about because I, like most people, find the spammers to be quite annoying. The spammer entrepreneur follows no posting schedule or rules (yes, there are smart rules when it comes to marketing online).
    All you’ll see from the spammer is post after post after post about products and business opportunities. In my opinion, these are the worst so called online entrepreneurs but luckily they don’t last long. They don’t last long because they spam their shit for a month and then boom, they are gone. They are gone because their spamming tactics do not work on social media.
  2. The Motivator – There are motivational online businesses and entrepreneurs and I find them the most confusing ones of them all. For instance, I have a number of motivational entrepreneuers that follow me on Twitter. When I click the link in his or her bio, I’ll be sent to a webpage that tells me how I can grow my Twitter account. Meanwhile, there is no indication from the posts I see that that’s the type of business (affiliate marketing) that person is into. This type of entrepreneur is an exact opposite of the spammer because I have no idea, whatsoever, what he or she is into.
  3. The Affiliate РI find the affiliate marketer to be an interesting paradigm. Having been an affiliate marketer for a small time, I was sold on the idea that the affiliate program would help my network marketing business. The affiliate company I was a part of was great for marketing education and I learned a lot.  However, I never found affiliate marketing to be very beneficial to my network marketing business. Affiliate companies say they are not in the network marketing industry but I would argue that both are very similar. You build a team and get percentages from those you enroll. Plus, my affiliate experience taught me that promoting the affiliate company was the primary focus, once I signed up. You can argue that affiliate marketing can be another revenue stream along side network marketing but I would argue that it becomes too much to handle. In business, you need to focus on a thing and go balls-in on that thing. Diversifying your energy between multiple things can be detrimental.
  4. The Liars – These so called entrepreneurs get online and boast about how much cash they make per day, show you a lifestyle to try and make you envy it, and make you feel like you can do the same is an easy way like they do. While I have no proof of concept, I believe that these marketers are full of shit. They boast easy living, easy money making, and easy everything when in fact there is nothing easy about making money online. See my blog post called just that: Easy Money Online – Fact or Fiction. I’ve been at this for too long to know that there is no such thing as easy money online, or offline. Every aspect of making money requires work.

Online Businesses and Entrepreneurs

online businesses and entrepreneurs

At the end of the day you need to be you and not some marketing machine! Posting motivation, spam, and bullshit all day will not earn you money nor will it make you successful or trustworthy. You’ll be wasting your time and money and no one wants that.

You need to hustle but hustle smart! Engaging people on social media is the best and most effective way to get people to recognize you. I don’t mean that you should be messaging people with a link and a pitch either. Ask people how they are, what their interests are, what they do for a living, just be social. Take graceful approach to find out the interests of people, you’ll be better positioned to make a sale.

It’s all about trust.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this matter. If you disagree I would love to hear all about it.

Have a Great Day and Be Great Because No One Can Be Great for You!


Yours in Success,

Michael M Vasas

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