What has having a negative outlook ever done for you? We’ve all experienced having a negative mindset or have been around very negative people right? What about those positive people. What about them happy-go-lucky people that you meet, what do you make of them? For this post I am going to discuss how positive thinking equals positive lifestyles so put on your happy hats and have a read!

Your biggest enemy is the enemy within – Unknown

It’s true, Positive Thinking Equals Positive Lifestyles and if you give it some real thought, you would agree. When you’re in a positive mindset, you can’t help but view the world as one of wonder and beauty. You worry less about things that, in the end, don’t really matter.

It’s Not Hoopla!

I would like to share examples of how positive thinking equals positive lifestyles as well how negative thinking produces negative lifestyles. I think it is important to give examples in order for you, the reader, to understand why I and so many others believe the same thing. Before you dismiss me, remember:

positive thinking equals positive lifestyles

The mind is like a parachute, it does not work if it is not open. – Frank Zappa

How to Open Your Mind

I’m not going to get all philosophical here in that you should open your third eye but I will write about creating a positive mind. After all, positive thinking equals positive lifestyles right?
Before I turned 40 my mind was in negative mode! Don’t get me wrong, I loved my wife, kids, family, and some friends but I had a very negative and cynical look at the rest of the world around me. I trusted very few and in doing so liked very few. I would only help others when it suited me and I would get upset if that help wasn’t in some way recognized. In many ways, I relied on others to provide me with self-worth and when I wouldn’t receive it from others, my mind would go into dark places.

My life fell into a dependency on drugs, especially marijuana. I was a wake-and-baker, in that I would light up very early in the morning and not stop until late at night. Did I consider it to be a big deal? No. Did my wake-and-bake tendencies have a negative effect on me and my family? It sure did.

Then a Shift Started to Happen

Yep, I’m going to use the phrase “a shift” as I learned from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. If you haven’t seen his movie The Shift, you should!

Change your mind, change your life – Dr Wayne Dyer

Before I watched The Shift, I was already shifting from the negative. In a sense, I was already thinking that positive thinking equals positive lifestyles.

I quit smoking pot because my youngest son had expressed dire concerns and I had to listen but the shift was already in progress.

It’s true, positive thinking equals positive lifestyles and there are many people in this world that will attest to this adage. However, I realize that you may be in a mindset that thinks I am full of crap!?!

That’s OK, I was once there, in a negative mindset and hoping for the best.

Our Reality is Shaped by Our Thoughts

Our reality is what happens day in and day out. From the people we meet and interact with to the websites and social media outlets that take up much of our time, we are the average of the five main influences in our lives. I try to shape my reality by thinking positive and that starts with my first foot out of bed.
My start to each day is one of thanks, I have so much to be thankful for in this life.

Am I rich? No!

Am I well known for my blogging? No!

Am I traveling the world? No!

What I am is grateful for waking up each day and having the ability to do what I love to do. I’m grateful for my wife, kids, three dogs, close friends, a warm house, food in my fridge and cupboards, and so much more. This attitude of gratitude, as coined by Tony Robbins, sets up my day so that I can gracefully go to work and deal with stresses.

Stresses like:

  • Traffic
  • Co-workers
  • Deadlines
  • And so much more!

What happens everyday is that I can deal with all of the above in a positive way. I don’t get mad at the guy that cuts me off in traffic. I don’t stress over negative co-workers that are very unhappy in life. Deadlines are always there and most are met. When they are not met, I kindly recommend an extension.

Positive Thinking Equals Positive Lifestyles

The funny thing about being positive most of the time is that others around you become positive in thought as well. It’s actually contagious!

Being positive also helps when you are an entrepreneur like I am. I am with a network marketing company called It Works Global and if I was constantly in a negative state of mind, I would have no customers or a team of entrepreneurs working with me.

Want to know more about what I do with It Works Global? I am currently seeking motivated people that want to work towards happiness and time freedom like I am. If that is you, CLICK HERE to start a dialog with me.

If you would like to see some great inspirational videos that can help you to believe that positive thinking equals positive lifestyles, CLICK HERE now.

  1. Fatal Jay says:

    This is some powerful stuff, I love the opener when you was speaking on open the mind.

    When someone speak their mind, I promise there is someone in the room who can relate.

    2006 was my last year on the green monster (weed) as well. It made me unmotivated, I woke up one morning and said never again.

    I deserve more then this, and will conquer in life.

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