If you’re in business for yourself, whether you are with an MLM company or you run your own business, you are going to experience moments where you are face with wanting to quit. Being an entrepreneur is one of the most tiring, stressful, and humbling experiences you will ever face. There will be low points in your business where you think you are giving it your all and yet you are getting nothing in return. I know, this has happened to me multiple times in my 2 years of experience with my MLM business. In my heart I know that my business will help others and thus will help me. I made this post to show you that pushing through when there is no push left is critical to your success
Like so many others in an MLM business, I started off with a lot of excitement. I tried the product for the first time and was blown away by it. I was shown the awesome compensation plan and I thought: wow, this is going to change my life. So I got to work!
My first month I signed a couple of customers and they were very happy about it. Some friends hosted a party for me and I signed a couple more customers. I worked through my 100s list, most of it, and thought I was going to hit it big. My business tapered off! I started getting upset that no one was jumping at the same opportunity I jumped at and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening. Instead of giving up though, I went to work on myself. I decided that pushing through when there is no push left was what I needed to do.
Resetting my mindset was my first task. For the next few months, lets say six or seven, I worked more at self development than I did my business. This was exactly what I needed though, and what I still need on a daily basis. If you would like to listen to those that help me with my daily motivations and self development, see my MOTIVATION page.

Pushing Through When There Is No Push Left

I have created a list of activities for pushing through when there is no push left

  • Talk to those that are important to your business. For me, I reach out to my up-line when I am feeling down about my business. My up-line is a true leader in that she cares about her team. She is someone that I aspire to be like for my team and I will follow her footsteps. If you are not a part of an MLM company where your up-line is supportive, you may want to rethink the business you are in.
  • Be Grateful for everything you have and everything you can offer to others. With each day that passes, practice your Attitude of Gratitue and your list of things you are grateful for will grow and grow. This will have a profound effect on your life and others around you.
  • Get Excited about everything you do. I have been guilty of falling from excitement and when I do, I reach out to my up-line and she has a way of setting me straight. Her most recent advice to me was to act excited about things until I feel excited about things. Her advice is brilliant in my opinion and it is exactly what I am doing.
  • Be Determined with all of your actions. Set some goals and be determined to achieve them. The best way to set goals is to write them down, one goal at a time and then push towards them each day.
  • Organize Yourself each day, in relation to your goals and determination. Organization is something I have had to work on, and still do because my past me did not care about being organized (and that drove my wife nuts, I’m sure of it).

Your next plan of action is to join a team that can be there for you, as well as offer you the ability to make real money with a company that actually cares about its entrepreneurs success. If you would like to know more, send me an EMAIL

I hope this has been helpful for you, as it was helpful for me to sit and write this blog post. If it was, share it on Facebook and Twitter and reach out to me by leaving a comment or sending me an EMAIL

Have a Great Day and Be Great!

  1. Mike says:

    Personal Development is one thing that you should be told to do, and also why. Most coming into a home base business still have a 9-5 so the thinking is that if you don’t get paid in 2 weeks, it a scam.
    Reality check is you have to work hard for months.

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