Back From The Grave

Have you ever started something and before you were finished, you let it die? Have you ever had an idea that you thought was the best in the world and yet took it nowhere? Have you ever seen a new product or service on the market and thought – “damn, I thought of that two years ago, I wish I went through with it”? I believe that one or all of the above has happened to us all, let’s bring our work Back from the Grave

Online Business Build – Learn From Failure

I want to share a little secret with you, one that I haven’t told anyone. I’ve failed in business Not only have I failed in the online business build but I’ve spent time bullshitting social media in order to look successful. I have learned from my failures, and have been more successful because of it.

Online Businesses and Entrepreneurs

I’m pulling off the gloves and giving you the lowdown on how I see online businesses and entrepreneurs. These are general observations I have that regard local businesses, network marketers, and affiliate marketers. These are my opinions and I welcome yours, leave a comment below.

Why You Are Not Too Busy For Business

Have you ever been told, “I think you’d be a great fit for this networking business” – just to reply, “I’m too busy for this, I don’t have the time”?  don’t worry, us network marketers don’t hold that kind of thinking against you, even though it is wrong.  For this blog post, I will discuss why you are not too busy for business, perhaps you will come to realize that you can do it too.