Live a Better Life – Start Now

Get up, pee, brush teeth, shower, make coffee, slam back breakfast, grab lunch, and then head off to work for eight plus hours per day. Sound familiar? Leave work, come home, catch up on Facebook for 30 minutes, make supper, eat supper, do dishes, be with family, watch some TV or Social Media, brush teeth, go to bed. Even more familiar? Now, repeat this five times per week, 48 weeks per year, for the rest of your life! Sounds kind of dystopic doesn’t it? Not to worry, I have the formula to live a better life, now let’s work on it!

Back From The Grave

Have you ever started something and before you were finished, you let it die? Have you ever had an idea that you thought was the best in the world and yet took it nowhere? Have you ever seen a new product or service on the market and thought – “damn, I thought of that two years ago, I wish I went through with it”? I believe that one or all of the above has happened to us all, let’s bring our work Back from the Grave

Online Businesses and Entrepreneurs

I’m pulling off the gloves and giving you the lowdown on how I see online businesses and entrepreneurs. These are general observations I have that regard local businesses, network marketers, and affiliate marketers. These are my opinions and I welcome yours, leave a comment below.

Improve Online Marketing For Business

This post may offend you, it may piss you off, and you may never come back to my blog again! I’m going to critique your marketing campaign for your business services and products. I’m going to tell you why your marketing campaign sucks and how you should improve online marketing for business in the future.

Pushing Through When There is No Push Left

If you’re in business for yourself, whether you are with an MLM company or you run your own business, you are going to experience moments where you are face with wanting to quit. Being an entrepreneur is one of the most tiring, stressful, and humbling experiences you will ever face. There will be low points in your business where you think you are giving it your all and yet you are getting nothing in return. I know, this has happened to me multiple times in my 2 years of experience with my MLM business. In my heart I know that my business will help others and thus will help me. I made this post to show you that pushing through when there is no push left is critical to your success