There are a billion and one Instagram apps for editing and making photos cool! The new online entrepreneur can feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which app to use and not use. For this reason, I set out to show you, with videos, my Top 9 Instagram Apps that will make your photos worthy of viewing.

When I first started my journey on Instagram I didn’t use any apps for photos or videos because I had no idea that there were apps for Instagram. To my credit, when I first started I had no idea how Instagram worked, I wasn’t an entrepreneur, and I didn’t really care about the account. My Instagram sat idle for about a year or so and I had about 2 followers (thanks mom and dad).

I Started a Business

When I started an MLM business with It Works Global, I thought I should probably get to know a few social media platforms so I could spam the world with my products and opportunities.

To find out why you should NOT spam your products or business opportunities,




I Started Watching & Learning

There were so many people posting awesome imagery and I knew that I had to start doing the same or my account would be useless. I was still a novice but I have never been afraid to ask questions so I asked people I followed which apps they used. I still ask to this day if I see something awesome. Between asking people and researching apps, I have found many that I cannot be without. So I figured, why not pass on what I love to all of you!

Top 9 Instagram Apps

Let’s get right into it shall we? The following make the cut in my Top 9 Instagram Apps

  1. InstaFollow – This app tracks all your followers, unfollowers, post statistics, and so much more. If you’re running any sort of business online, you’ll want this great analytics app.
  2. Litho – Litho is great for overlaying multiple images on top of each other. I use Litho to create Branded templates.
  3. Studio+ – Studio+ is a great app for placing text and other overlays onto a picture. If I am posting quotes or my own tips, I’ll load my branded template made in Litho into Studio+ and then add the text to it. This is my most used app!
  4. NoCrop – No crop is the best app you can use to resize images so that they fit within the confines of the Instagram platform. If you’ve ever had problems with posting a pic where the text is cut out, use NoCrop to solve this problem!
  5. TagsForLikes – TagsForLikes is a great app for storing hash tag words in batches by topic. Instead of typing out hash tags you use over and over, use this app to streamline the hash tag process.
  6. TextGram – TextGram is a great app for making pics with quotes or adding text to pictures or images in the the app;s library.
  7. InstaMag – InstaMag is a great app for making collages of many pictures, up to nine I believe. This isn’t the only collage app I use but I do use it because it has very nice templates incorporated into it.
  8. PhotoGrid – PhotoGrid is another collage app I use when I want to collage two to four pictures together in a boxed collage. I don’t have a preference with this app over InstaMag, I base which one I use off of how I’m feeling at that moment.
  9. WallPaperHD – WallPaperHD is great for using stunning visuals and you don’t have to use Google to get them. There are thousands of visuals you can use and you don’t need to worry about copyrights, which is great.

If you got some sort of value from any or all my videos and this post, please leave a comment as well as share these top 9 Instagram Apps.

Have a Great Day and Be Great Because No One Can Be Great for You!

Michael M Vasas

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